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A Traditional German-Style Sausage Kitchen

Otto's Sausage Kitchen is a small, family-owned and operated meat market situated in southeast Portland's Woodstock neighborhood.
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Otto’s is not just about sausage. We have various deli meats, homemade salads, and hearty sandwiches that are all made at the store.
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Four Generations of Eichentopfs

Our Story

Otto’s Sausage Kitchen was founded by Otto Eichentopf in 1922. Eichentopf was born in Germany and emigrated to the United States in 1911, at the age of 21. He opened his first business in Aberdeen, Washington and married his longtime friend Selma soon after. The couple’s son, Edwin, was born in 1919, and the family relocated to Portland, Oregon in 1921. Within a year of arrival, Eichentopf established his meat market in Portland’s Woodstock neighborhood. The business has been handed down from child to child, starting with Edwin, ever since. Today, Otto’s is run with the presence of three generations of Eichentopfs.

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Otto's Grill

The grill outside is another feature that keeps people coming back for more. It’s open seven days a week rain or shine.
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Alder Smoked Bacon

Amazingly flavorful, it's made from tender pork belly and smoked in our very own smokehouse.
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Chicken Sausage

Our chicken sausage has been seasoned to bring out just the right amount of flavor to make your taste buds demand you for more.
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