About Our Products

We start with high quality pork or beef, and then use only enough spices to add flavor. Then we use a process that has been handed down from generation to generation. We use natural casings. The secret to Otto’s sausages are in the handcrafted artisan techniques, recipes, and of course the one of a kind smokehouse. The smokehouse was built in 1936 and has been smoking sausages ever since. It has well seasoned walls that give the smoked sausages and meats that one of a kind distinction that can only be Otto’s. Our fresh sausage is just that FRESH. It is made almost every other day and is completely natural.

Our Fresh Sausages, Potato Sausage, Chicken Sausages, and Bockwurst have no preservatives of any kind. The smoked sausages contain a small amount of nitrates so that we can smoke them to perfection in our one of a kind smokehouse.

We only use natural hog, sheep, beef and collagen casings for our sausage.

All of our sausage is approximately 10-15% fat. We do not add fat to any of our fresh sausage. It is just the fat content on lean pork shoulder.

All of our sausage is made on site in the back sausage kitchen of Otto’s by Jerry and his daughter, Christie. They are made as close to the original handcrafted process as possible. The recipes were all passed down from family member to family member.

The Frankfurters and the Old Fashion Wieners are stuffed using the same meat. The only difference is that the Frankfurters are stuffed into hog casings and Wieners into sheep casings. Using the sheep casing for the wieners gives it a delicious snap when you bite in.

Yes, we call it the Smoked Pork Link. It is a delicious sausage that has tons of smoky flavor and the right amount of spices.

No, we don’t use any of these in our sausage. The only exception is Bockwurst which has pork, veal, milk, and eggs in it. All of our other sausages are lactose and gluten free.

Our recipes have been handed down from Grandpa Otto to his son Edwin, to his son Jerry, and now to his daughters.

Yes, they are in the freezer vacuum packed in 1 lb packages. These do not have any preservatives, MSG, gluten, sugar, fillers, or milk products of any kind.

Our spiciest sausages are the Cajun Andouille and Cajun Chicken. Both of these sausages are just hot enough to give great flavor, but not too hot that you have to run for the milk.

We make our own corned beef, pastrami, dry cured ham, and roast beef.

We grind our beef every day and sometimes two to three times a day. It has approximately 6-9% fat content.

We get our pork and beef from Carlton Farms. It is all natural and locally processed. Most of the meat from Carlton Farms is handcrafted.

Preparation and Storage

Fresh sausage can safely be stored in a refrigerator for three to five days. They are a raw product so handle like you would a raw piece of pork. Smoked sausage can be stored in a refrigerator for five to seven days. The temperature should be kept between 35 – 40º F. Both the fresh sausages and the smoked sausages can be frozen in the freezer paper for up to three months or vacuum packed and frozen for up to six months.

The fresh sausage needs to be brought to an internal temperature of 160º F. We recommend pan frying with olive oil over medium high heat for 15 to 20 minutes, turning them a few times. If your pan starts to burn, try adding a little water and steaming the sausages to finish. BBQing also works really well, but be sure not to mix the cooked sausages and fresh sausages until the fresh ones are cooked thoroughly. Our Chicken Sausage, Bockwurst, Potato Sausage, and all the smoked sausages including the Old Fashion Wieners and Smoked Pork Links are fully cooked. This allows you to easily warm them up on the grill. They usually take about five to seven minutes to warm up all the way through to an internal temperature of 140º F.